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Our Gallery Photos with Travelers and Mountaineer at Rinjani

Our Gallery Photos – Mount Rinjani has many interesting places to stop by after or before tracking to the summit. after entering the Senaru Village for preparation and registration to entering the Gunung Rinjani National Park to begin hiking Mt. Rinjani. Senaru village have a breath taking view for people who want to tracking Mt.Rinjani, Mt.Rinjani settle right behind this small village. Traditional house of sasak people lined up neatly with the wall made of “bedeg” and the roof from “Rumbia” leaf make this place more nuanced nature, and with coffee plantation surrounded this village it’s a complete package of back to nature vacation for you.  About 20minute from this exotic village hide the wonderful place the sendang gile waterfall, local people belief the water in sedang gile waterfall come from Lake Segara Anak, the water falls from a cliff topped by filled by green plants that cling to the side of the cliff with a height of about 30 meters.

The Island of Lombok is Very Beautiful

After leaving the Mt. Rinjani tracking entrance, about 1hour and 40minute walking we soon be arrive on the 1st post for mountaineer. Here we can enjoy Mt. Rinjani from sembalun savanna spread widely and very windy places seemed to open our eyes, as the night came the stars scattered over the horizon of this savannas made the night air in the savanna feel more magical, as if our souls were transported to the mystical place. no wonder many mountaineers set about starting the ascent before dark. in addition to avoiding exposure to sunlight radiation in this savanna that will burn the skin but also for a moment to admire the grace of god that spread wide in front of the eyes, this place will make you long to mend rinjani for the umpteenth time.

Here are some photos with climbers and travelers from within and outside the country. Prove service from us if you are still in doubt. Come to our place at address Jl. Raya Sembalun Lawang No.09, Sajang, Sembalun, East Lombok regency, West Nusa Tenggara. 83656, Indonesia. Or contact us directly at the contact listed on this website.

òOur GalleryOurNot only here our service gallery, there are many more. For more details please see some photos below for those of you who are curious. Do not forget to contact us what if you want to travel or holiday on the island lombok. The beauty of Lake Segara anakan have no doubt. Many tourists who visit the lake is just for camping or as a major resting place, if you want to travel to the top of the mountain Rinjani. Besides enjoying the beauty of the lake, you can also do fishing in this lake. In the surroundings of the lake, you will be able to see several hot springs with varying degrees of water temperature. According to the beliefs of the Sasak tribe, this hot water believed to be a cure for all forms of disease. You can also soak in this natural tub as much as you want, or you choose to just dip your feet after a day’s of hiking Mt.Rinjani to Lake Segara Anak.


Our adventure service provide a variety of travel packages for you to enjoy tracking Mt. Rinjani, we offer various adventure service to explore the Mt. Rinjani. and always your satisfaction is our goal but your safety is our priority.

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