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Rinjani Package Home Stay and Hotel at Lombok Islands

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Rinjani Package Home Stay and Hotel at Lombok Islands

Rinjani Package Home Stay and Hotel – We ded’y adventure provide accommodation’s for you who want to linger in Lombok. The various options we provide for you lombok adventure. For backpackers who want to save our lodging costs provide the option to do a homestay. Staying at local residents’ homes will make you feel the friendliness of the island of Lombok, at an affordable cost your holiday will leave an impression that will always imprint in your heart. Feel the wisdom and hospitality of local people by being part of them. You may come as a tourist but they welcome you as a family.

And for those of you who want to feel the exclusive atmosphere of adventure on the island of Lombok. We ded’y adventure also preparing a variety of accommodation for a modern lodging. Lodging with the atmosphere of rural Lombok but with full facilities that will ensure the comfort of your adventuring in lombok island.

Rinjani Package

Ded’y Adventure Always Ready to Provide Lodging

We guarantee your satisfaction during your stay and adventure in Lombok. Explore the beauty of this island is not enough with 5 or 6 days stay. The longer you live the more beautiful places in lombok you will find. Exploring the island from end to end will not make you feel saturated, there is always a new place that you will find for you to explore.

From adventure to Mount Rinjani to see the lakes of Segara anak, enjoying hot water spring that scattered at the foot of the Mount Rinjani. Admiring the waterfall hidden in the sidelines of the foot of Mount Rinjani. Or want to feel the beauty of the beach scattered from tip to tip Lombok island. Diving around the island to enjoy the beauty of the underwater Lombok. You will always find adventure on the island of Lombok from the top of the mountain to beneath the sea  of Lombok.

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